Georgia Division of Family and Children Services

FamilyMenders provides services in Georgia DFCS Regions 1, 3, 13 & 14. If you have a service need outside of these regions please contact us.

How to submit a referral

DFCS Case Managers please complete a referral in SHINES.

Once approved by the DFCS supervisor, please send FamilyMenders a copy of the SHINES Service Authorization.

Please fax to 423-266-3151 or email

Once the SHINES referral is received by FamilyMenders we will assign an In Home Care Manager and email a confirmation within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about the referral process or SHINES codes please call FamilyMenders at 877-343-2882.

Purchase Order (Foster Home Development)

  • Impact Classes and Assessment
  • ICPC Home Evaluation

UAS Code 518 (Wraparound)

  • Crisis Intervention (behavioral management or disruption prevention)
  • Transportation
  • In Home Case Management (parenting, case management, supervised visitation)
  • In Home Intensive Treatment (Counseling)
  • Hotel, Hospital or Group Home Emergency Overnight or Day Sitter Service

UAS Code 571 (Homestead)

  • Homestead (Counseling)
  • FVS/SafeCare Program

UAS Code 551 (Early Intervention)

  • Early Intervention (Parenting)

UAS Code 511 (CCFA)

  • CCFA - Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment
  • Relative Home Evaluations

UAS Code 521 (PUP)

  • Domestic Violence Assessment
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Parenting Skills Assessment
  • Substance Abuse Assessment
  • Counseling
  • Hair Follicle Drug Testing
  • Urine Drug Screen
  • Psychological Evaluation

UAS Code 573 (Parent Aide)

  • Parent Aide
  • FVS/SafeCare Program

Request FamilyMenders Service & SHINES Codes

Having trouble making a referral? Please contact us for assistance.

Tennessee Department of Children Services

Proudly serving Hamilton, Bradley, Polk, McMinn, Meigs, Rhea, Sequatchie, Marion, Grundy, Franklin, and Bledsoe counties.


  • Therapeutic Family Support Services
  • Therapeutic Visitation Services
  • Assessment Services

Having trouble making a referral?
Please contact us for assistance.

Georgia Insurance - Mental Health Services

Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) Services

FamilyMenders offers Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) Services through Amerigroup, WellCare, and Medicaid in Whitfield, Catoosa, Murray and Walker counties.

Please see referral form below or contact us for questions.

Intensive Family Intervention is an insurance service for youth that requires prior approval from the insurance provider. Our IFI team consists of a licensed team lead, therapist, and paraprofessional committed to serving the entire family, in a team approach. IFI is an intensive program with numerous sessions a week focusing on improving family bonds and stabilizing youth with mental health needs.


Amerigroup Counseling for Children and Adolescents

Please see referral form below or contact us for questions.

Counseling services for children and adolescents placed in foster care with Amerigroup Foster Care insurance. This service is provided in the home and/or community with a counselor trained in working with children and adolescents. FamilyMenders will provide a behavioral health assessment and can also offer a diagnostic assessment for diagnostic purposes for insurance billing. Once enrolled in services, the counselor will be available for crisis response as well as weekly individual counseling with the child or adolescent.


Private Pay Services

FamilyMenders offers a variety of private pay services in Tennessee and Georgia.


  • Relative Home Evaluation for Relative Placement
  • Supervised Visitation in home or community
  • Assessment Services (Adoption, Substance Abuse, Parenting Skills, Mental Health, Psychological)
  • In Home Parenting Education and Counseling Services
  • DNA Paternity Testing
  • Drug Testing: Urine and Hair

Please contact us for more information.